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Aluminium Composite Panels

Aluminium Composite Panels

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Aluminium Composite Panels (Metal Signs) are the perfect way to advertise your business. 

This product is perfect for large exterior building signage but can also be used indoors for an industrial look.

For the best appearance and longevity, we print photo quality graphics onto a high quality. 

Comes Laminated with a Gloss.

Vibrant Colors: Digital printing provides vibrant and high-resolution color reproduction. This is advantageous for creating visually appealing and eye-catching designs on ACPs, making them suitable for branding, advertising, and artistic applications.

Photo Realism: Digital printing on ACPs can achieve a high level of detail, allowing for photo-realistic images and graphics. This capability is valuable for applications such as signage, wall cladding, and architectural elements where realistic imagery is important.

Multi-Layer Printing: Some advanced digital printing technologies allow for multi-layer printing, enabling the creation of three-dimensional effects and textures. This can add depth and dimension to the printed designs, enhancing their visual impact.

Weather Resistance: The inks used in digital printing on ACPs are often formulated to be weather-resistant and UV-resistant. This ensures that the printed graphics maintain their color and clarity over time, even when exposed to outdoor elements.

Advertising and Branding: Digital printed ACPs are commonly used for advertising and branding purposes. Businesses can use these panels for exterior signage, promotional displays, and brand representation on buildings.

Interior Design Applications: Digital printed ACPs are suitable for interior design applications such as wall murals, decorative panels, and signage in commercial spaces, offices, and retail environments.


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